Notice on the Internet cookies, and the purposes of data processing

Koren Lidija s.p., Drežniške Ravne 33, 5222 Kobarid (hereinafter the Provider), uses internet cookies (hereinafter: cookies) on the website (hereinafter: the Website).

Cookies are files that are installed on the user's computer or other device when accessing a website. When re-visiting the site, the information obtained at the previous visit by means of a cookie can be read.

On the site, cookies do not allow identification of the individual user, therefore it cannot be figured out who the user is (by name, family name, other personal information).

With the help of cookies, the provider may obtain information on how the site was used, particularly on the frequency of visiting the site, most frequently consulted topics, average time of visit, etc. (i.e. web analytics).

Data on individual cookies, controllers of the data that can be obtained by these cookies, the purposes of processing the collected data and the duration of cookies are listed here-below:


Data Controller Cookie designation Purpose Purpose in detail Duration
Lidija Koren s.p. _utma
Web analytics by Google Analytics (GA, provider: Google Inc.), having no data- insight. The _utma GA cookie separates the users and their online sessions from each other. It is primarily used to count the visits to the site and to determine the +first and the last visit dates.
The _utmb and _utmc GA cookies record new online sessions. These cookies primarily serve to determine how long users remain present on site, allowing the provider to adjust the content accordingly.
The_utmz GA cookie keeps track on the way in which users access to the site (e.g., by entering a keyword into the Google search engine, or by following advertising campaigns, etc.)..
Read here (in English) to learn more about the Cookies used by Google Analytics.
_utma – 2 years
_utmb – 30 minutes
_utmc – 6 months
_utmz – 6 months
Lidija Koren s.p. 9bb8165ad47f3532b406480b782f0125 Language Selection By using this cookie, the Web site can remember the language chosen by the user, in order to display the content in the selected language at the re-visit. 1 year
Lidija Koren s.p. b1c7c4b77edfbd79befc01aed15022f2 Urgent Cookie This cookie is essential for normal functioning of the website. to the end of the online session VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE
Settings store Youtube use this cookie to remember visitor settings and other undefined purposes. 8 months
10 years


We also use cc_cookie_accept and cc_cookie_decline cookies to remember your choice about use of cookies. They last 1 year.

By agreeing to install the cookies, the user also agrees with the storage of the cookies and access to the cookies (or information derived therefrom) already stored in the user's device.

By using the appropriate web browser settings, the user can decide by himself about whether and which cookies the provider may install on his equipment.